Food Inc.

Watching Food Inc. was both incredibly enlightening and very disturbing. What I noted while watching the first part of the documentary was that food is marketed very well by major food companies such as Perdue. In seeing the state of the chicken farms that ship out to Perdue I was astonished and disgusted, as I actually do have a bag of frozen Perdue chicken breasts in my fridge. The packaging of said chicken seems to appeal to those trying to be healthy with screaming labels claiming that the chicken is, “Antibiotic free!” and Aalthough these claims may be true, I doubt that people would be thoroughly convinced of the quality of chicken they were consuming if they saw this documentary. I am curious to know how policy has changed since the creation of this documentary, and how policy will change moving forward.


One thought on “Food Inc.”

  1. I agree in that this movie opens your eyes to the reality of the meat industry in America. It’s sad that so much of our food system is corrupt and lacks transparency so much so that large corporations even refuse to be interviewed on the matter. We need more transparency and education so that Americans can start making better decisions that will hopefully affect policy change.


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