Food Inc.

Watching Food Inc. was very eye opening and a bit disturbing at the same time. My younger sister is a very picky eater and one of the only things she will eat is frozen chicken nuggets. Usually my mother buys her Perdue or Tyson. While I was watching the movie I immediately texted my mom and dad asking them to never buy my younger sister frozen chicken nuggets again unless they are from an organic cage free company that I could research and prove didn’t use chemicals or additives and treated their chickens with a bit of dignity. Of course my parents think I am over reacting and don’t understand what I’m talking about or why I think it is a big deal.

Watching this documentary has really made me want to educate my friends and family about the issues with the current food system. I think that if I could get my friends and family to watch the documentary, or even a different one that is similar, they would better understand why I am usually so insistent on only buying organic or all natural groceries that are not processes. The way the animals were treated in this movie was not only disturbing and made me sad, but seeing how the meat was later processed made me extremely nauseous and even debate going vegetarian. I think that going vegetarian will be very difficult since my roommate and I share groceries and she would not agree to try it with me, so in the meantime I am still going to continue to eat chicken and turkey, but am cutting out beef and pork. I will only by chicken, turkey, eggs, and other animal products if I can reproach the brand and make sure that the product is really chemical free, organic, and cage free. It may be a but more expensive to eat this way, but I think that anyone that can afford to eat like this should.


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