Food, Inc.

This was my second time watching Food, Inc. and it is still very much relevant to today’s food industries. It’s always good to have reminders as sometimes we forget. The documentary spurred me to ask more questions about where my food is coming from before buying a product. Especially after making a fridge inventory, I was able to reflect on some of the products which I buy regularly. Sometimes it’s really hard to make the choice due to convenience and price and it’s something that has to be changed. The system makes it so hard to make the right decision to be healthy and ethical and it shouldn’t be this way.

What stood out to me was how much power the huge corporations had and how many of the leaders were in fact policy makers as well. It is scary to think about who is controlling the industry with the wrong motivations in mind.

It is heartbreaking to see and hear about families who know the health effects of certain types of food but have no choice because they are financially restricted.  As in the words of Michael Pollen,The the system is “guaranteeing that the cheapest calories in the supermarket will continue to be the unhealthiest.”

In class we talked about decentralizing power and focusing more on a local level as it was before. After learning more about the  U.S. food system, I hope to start on the individual level and try my best to choose foods grown locally and support local farmers.


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