Food Inc.

I have watched Food Inc several times before but never really paid attention to it. I guess since I am now taking this class and realizing what is going on in the world, I actually understand what is going on. It’s always eye opening to know where our food is coming from, especially after doing the fridge inventory, it made me reflect on the things I buy. I realize that we have so many choices, too many actually, that we tend to choose the one that looks best. We choose the products just because it says “organic” or “green” when in reality it is just a label coming from a factory.

When you see families, like the one shown in the movie, that don’t have enough money to buy healthy groceries but have enough to buy burger king, shows what is prioritize in America.

I think it’s time to make healthy options more affordable and more reachable for families all over America. We have to start with ourselves though, we can start by shopping at out local farmers market, supporting our local farmers, etc.


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