I was pretty excited to know that we were going to watch Food Inc in class, it is not the first time that I hear about this documentary and I really wanted to watch.  The documentary was very well done and analyze many aspects of the food industry in the United States that most of the people do not know or probably just want to ignore.

Personally I think that Food Inc wants to send a huge message to its viewers that says  “  be conscious on what you buy and eat”.  I still live with my father so I do not do very often groceries, we mainly buy food at Whole Foods, which has good quality products and we follow the same diet that we were following in Italy. That involves a lot of vegetables, pasta, bread, fish and cheese. Once in a while we do eat red meat but it is not in our priorities, we try to take proteins from other meals. For sure after watching Food Inc I will be very carful on what meat I am buying. I am willing to not consume any industrial meat in the future.  It is not the first time that I see video of animals that are threat very bad like in a concentration camp, indeed I do not do it just for the animals. I want to do it because I do not want to give not even a cent to those people that are in control of these junk meat industries. However, it is not easy to know where the food that you are buying today is coming from. It is a big issue, in my opinion every food company should move towards a transparency policy, that tells you where the food comes from, how did you make it and what is the condition of your employees. While I was reading a very interesting book by  Daniel Golman called “ Ecological Intelligence” I found out about a very interesting application. The name of this application is GOOD GUIDE and practically permit the costumer to scan the bar code of any product while he or she is doing the grocery and the app will give you immediately feedback on the product from an health, environment and social point of view. The problem is that many companies do not want to give these information to Good Guide, however this was just a little example of what we as costumers could do. I think it is up to us to make a difference in this world when we make choices. Obviously it is important to implement these concept of being aware of what you buy in the next generations.




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