Food Inc.

I thought that Food Inc. was a very informative film, that allows people to know more about what is happening in the food industry today. I have seen it before, but when I was not very curious about the food industry. Over the past couple of years I have become interested in learning about the food industry and what is happening in America.  Now, especially taking this class, I paid more attention to the film and was shocked by many of the facts presented. After seeing the film, I decided to look for similar films to watch and research some of the issues at hand. I think more people should watch films like Food Inc. and become more aware of the issues with the food industry. The more aware people are, the more of a chance there is for change.

I find it so sad that the cheap food available to people who don’t have much money, is the worst for their health. It is almost impossible for people to try to eat healthy because the prices of organic and natural food are so high. Instead of being able to eat healthier options, people can feed their whole family fast food for under $10. There needs to be a major change with the food in America.


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