Food INC Documentary

WOW. This is what I found myself mumbling under my breath as I watched the food documentary “Food Inc”. For anyone who is not aware of what the Food Inc documentary is about, I will go ahead and sum it up for you really quick from my perspective. Food Inc aims to get their message across that we have a broken system when it comes to the health and nutrition of our nation. As food consumers in the US, how many of us can really say that we really know where all our food is coming from? Do we actually know  what ingredients make up our food? And how many of us are aware that the government has more control of our nations farming system more than the actual farmers do? I wouldn’t go as far as saying that this documentary’s main goal is to exploit certain companies or governmental bodies, but it does bring up a lot of things that we as consumers don’t think of or are even aware of whenever we engage in a mundane task such as grocery shopping. After watching this documentary, I now have a completely different perspective whenever I walk into a grocery store and see brands such as Tyson advertising their chickens. Food Inc walks the viewer through the process of how food is raised in our nation, the political side of farming and how it manipulates the market in order for it to benefit themselves and how we the consumers can ultimately become the victims of their selfish ways.


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