Food Inc.

This is the fifth time that I have seen this documentary and it never fails to leave an impact. It is a look behind the veil that most Americans choose to let shield their eyes from the truth of what the food industry really is. A handful of companies have nearly monopolized the entire process, from the feed lots and mono-crop fields to the table. The treatment and abuse of farmers, factory workers, and animals is being largely ignored by the general public in an “if I can’t see it, it’s not happening” fashion. Factory workers under companies such as Smithfield are treated as replaceable cogs in a well oiled machine, many are taken advantage of because, technically, as illegal immigrants they have no rights. The farmers are being drowned under ever growing piles of debt, they are used as puppets with no autonomy to grow whatever is demanded of them. And the animals aren’t even treated as living beings, they are a commodity used to make a profit. Nothing more.  I commend the creators of Food Inc. in a step towards revealing the truth of the American food systems, to give the general public an idea of what they are up against if they want to make any sort of permanent change in where there food comes from and the treatment of those who produce it.


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