Blue Apron

Blue Apron is a company is a company delivers farm fresh ingredients to your home. The menus are changed each week with what is in season. The company partnered with over 150 farms to eliminate the middleman and insure fresh and non-GMO ingredients. Taken from the farm Blue Apron sends you exact proportions of whatever recipe you decide to make in order to reduce food waste. The packages include step-by-step instructions so people can learn to cook easily on their own. People can schedule the delivery time so it is convenient for them. Blue Apron is bit pricey for most people at around $60 for three two-person meals it is a healthy and convenient alternative then eating out.

Though I think Blue Apron is a good healthy alternative then eating at restaurants and has farm fresh ingredients it is rarely “local” to you. So at the end of the day it is a step in the right direction, but not quite there.


One thought on “Blue Apron”

  1. A few weeks ago I wrote about Blue Apron a company that delivers farm fresh meals right to your door. They measure out exact quantities of the ingredients you are cooking with so there is in no waste. Also, the process takes out the middleman of the delivery process. It sounds like a great and sustainable business model, until I saw it in action. Some of my friends started receiving them and then soon after my roommate started her trial run. The package got delivered a day later then scheduled and in middle of the afternoon. A time that was not convenient for anyone. Everything came in the large heavy box. Ice packs sat at the bottom soaking the box but keeping all the ingredients including the raw meat preserved. The ice packs could also be drained right into the sink. Since the ingredients are portioned out to reduce food waste there are dozens of plastic bags and even a 2oz glass jar. One plastic bag had a single celery stock in it. Another had 3tbsp of flour. Tiny portioned bags and lots of them. This is where I began to question the sustainable value of these portioned controlled boxes. Sure it may be far fresh, but where is the farm? And recycling all these plastic bags is not as easy as just putting it in the recycling bin. Recycling differs from town to town and city to city there is no uniform recycling across the country. After weighing the pros and cons of Blue Apron I will not be using them.


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