“The Good Food”: First supermarket in Germany to sell waste food only

“The Good Food”, which opened its doors last week, is the first supermarket in Germany to only sell their customers salvaged food waste. Located on the western city of Cologne, the market hopes to tackle the hunger and food crisis with a simple motto – “Feed more by wasting less”. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, approximately one third of the food of the world gets wasted. Just saving a quarter of such amount can be used to feed approximately 900 million people. “The Good Food” hopes to join the broader social movement of raising awareness on the problem food waste represents globally.


A main reason why food is wasted and discarded even before hitting shelves or plates is aesthetics. If it does not look pleasing the majority of consumers will not buy. People like the big, red tomato, and not the small, wrinkled one. Nicole Klaski, the owner and creator behind “The Good Food”, personally goes into fields after harvest and collects the vegetables left behind near Cologne. Some of the crops picked by her are deemed too big, or too small, or just too ugly to sell, according to Klaski. Aside from these products, buyers can also find non-perishable products that have passed their sell-by dates and pay what they think the price of good is worth. This goes with all the products sold in store as well. Individuals decide how much they think the product is worth and pay such disclosed amount. Products ranging from vegetables to beer are sold and served  with the backstory that they would have been destroyed as waste otherwise.


Although “The Good Food” is the first market of its kind in Germany, it is the third one that has opened in the European Union recently. Countries such as France and Denmark have become leaders in minimizing food waste through legislation and social stigma.


You can check out @TheGoodFoodMarkt on Facebook and Instagram to follow their progress.


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