Food, Inc.

The documentary magnifies the truth behind the food supply in our country. Where at times some scenes are a bit dramatic, they are not wrong and backed up by evidence gathered by Michael Pollan, author of The Omnivores Dilemma and other research experts that filmmaker, Robert Kenner, reaches out to.

Companies where highlighted for their unfair treatment of employees and most importantly, the animals used for production. Tyson, Monsanto, Walmart, Perdue, and others were highlighted for their mistreatment and almost robbing the producers of their rights as the case with many examples imposed by Monsanto with seed patents.

Although the documentary points the finger of fault to the big food “monopolies”, I think that it’s fair to ask that perhaps us as consumers led to this position we are on. We seeked cheap, plentiful food for our growing population and families as a whole. It’s not the fault of the companies that provide said food that we are a nation with high obesity rates and choose to eat it the fast food. We are the ones who eat the fast food products. However, the cost of food is a big factor here. If eating healthy and organic was not so expensive, I am sure more Americans would stay away from the burgers and indulge on fresh fish or salads. It has become a cultural issue in my opinion.


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