Dairy Map



After completing the food map, I was amazed by how diverse the locations are from which we get our food! The colors of the States indicate to me that the interstate commerce that occurs in the food industry is extraordinary. In fact, I would be surprised if there were another such industry that would be as comprehensively interstate. Considering politics for a moment, because the Constitution gives Congress the power to regulate interstate commerce, Congress would have the requisite authority to influence the development of our food system going forward. Furthermore, the patterns of globalization are also evident in this map, indicating that the influence of multinational corporations extends into our very refrigerators. Cheese from Italy and Turkey would not be possible if it were not for the modern advancements in transportation technologies, and the interconnectivity of markets domestically indicates complexity that is worthy of greater consideration: What are the consequences of this network? Who is benefiting from this system, and who is not?


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