IKEA Growroom Is A DIY Sustainable Garden For City Dwellers

I found this interesting article that talked about this extremely innovative design of a “Growroom” that encourages people to grow food locally right from your own house which would cut all the shipping from across oceans. It encourages local production and as we saw from our Fridge Inventory Lab exercise there is a lot of transport and energy that goes into transporting the different food products. The “Growroom” is “a spherical multi-level garden that can grow enough food for an entire neighborhood.”

Here is a picture of the Growroom (from the article below):


Article: https://cleantechnica.com/2017/02/20/ikea-growroom-diy-sustainable-garden-city-dwellers

Here is another article that give the exact steps how to build this structure: https://medium.com/space10-the-farm/space10-open-sources-the-growroom-aa7ca6621715#.mywm2j8jj


View story at Medium.com

View story at Medium.com


One thought on “IKEA Growroom Is A DIY Sustainable Garden For City Dwellers”

  1. This is seems like a great idea, but how much food can it really provide? With urbanization cities are now growing to have immense populations meaning that food has to be imported. In order to lower that number of imported food we have to grow it in the city which can be difficult. So I am wondering how designs like this “Growroom” can become larger and how cities can utilize them properly.


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