Grain Map


From this map we can see that most of the vegetables we are buying from Publix, Trader Joes, and even Whole Foods are coming from outside of Florida but inside of North America. This exercise was eye opening and shows how far away all these products are yet it’s so convenient and available for us to buy.


One thought on “Grain Map”

  1. The map shows the paths traveled by the grain we eat here in Florida. Most of the grain in the products came from the US, with exception of the Farfalle pasta, which was imported from Italy. Specifically, most grain came from the Midwest (United States). No grain from the products we saw came from Florida. I was happy seeing the results because it showed that most of the grain we consume is not imported, which supports our local (US) farmers. It also saves time and money that is lost when importing from overseas. This project really helped me understand where the ingredients from the products we eat everyday, really come from. I now want to further look into what I am eating to know where it is coming from.


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