Vegetable Map

From this map it is possible to see that most of the vegetables that we buy came from other state of the U.S. and from Mexico. Very few are grow here locally in Florida such as relish and carrots. However, this make totally sense, every vegetable needs a particular weather to grow properly. Now, I am starting to realize always more and more that I have to buy mostly local products. If we all start to buy local product companies will start to import less and we would decrease pollution made by the transports. Obviously you want to enjoy a nice hot pepper from Mexico but it is critical to not do it every time that you go to do the groceries.


One thought on “Vegetable Map”

  1. Looking at this map, compared to some of the others categories like fruits which I worked on, it isn’t that discouraging. Of course buying local vegetables at a farmers market that come from a local farm in Homestead is the absolute best choice for the environment. However, I don’t feel as bad buying vegetables that are coming from other parts of the U.S. rather then other countries like most of the fruits we buy come from.


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