Oil Map


The map above shows all the oil products inventoried, with the US states color coded by Hispanic population.  It’s hard to draw meaningful conclusions from the data, as we only had around 17 items.  A few observations from the map:


-The average distance of the Oil products analyzed was 2871 km

-The butter and peanut butter analyzed were from the midwest, with the salted butter imported from Ireland

-We imported avocados from Mexico, but some avocados, avocado oil, and coconut oil were from California.

State Characteristics and Product Origin

-According to the US Department of Labor, more than 78% of migrant workers are Hispanic.  Domestic avocados, which need to be hand clipped, and avocado oil all came from states within the highest category of Hispanic population.

-Aside from Illinois, every state in the midwest was in the lowest category of Hispanic population.  Many associate the midwest with agriculture, particularly for animals, grains and fruits and vegetables that can grow in cooler weather.  While production is still labor intensive, it mostly relies on machinery, with less need for migrant workers.


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