Food Inc.

Did you know that we are subsidizing food that makes us sick? Food that gives us diabetes, obesity, and other health problems? Did you know that by 2030 42% of americans will be obese? Did you know that the average supermarket has 47,000 products, of which 78% of processed food in supermarkets have some form of genetically modified ingredient in it? Or that 32,000 hogs are slaughtered daily in the United States and the average wage for a farmer is only $18,000 a year?

As seen in the documentary Food Inc by Robert Kenner, the food industry doesn’t want you to know where your food is coming from because there is a big chance you wouldn’t want to be eating it if you did. People are not given the choice to know, or ask, where their food is coming form, or how its being manufactured. I definitively saw many things in this documentary that I didn’t want to see. Cows being fed corn and developing E. Coli in their digestive tract. Chickens that can’t stand up because their bones don’t hold up their weight. And all of this is for our conformity and cheaper prices. I was never naive enough to believe that the farmer picture that is in the meat packaging was the reality. However, I was hopeful that these animals didn’t suffer the fate that Food Inc showed they do. Moreover, the treatment of the factory workers is unethical and saddening.

The second biggest take away of this documentary is that inexpensive food comes at a high cost. Antibiotic resistance as well as illness and deaths from E. Coli have resulted from the high demand of production. There are health, environmental, economic, and societal risks attributed to the food industry. Although it appears that mass produced, cheap food is the only option for those who can’t afford healthy food, I would say a better option is to stop consuming the cheap, unhealthy food altogether. As stated in the documentary, supermarkets and large corporations will produce what costumers want to consume. If they see shifts to organic, healthy, and ethical food productions and options, maybe governments can start subsidizing those foods, as opposed to unhealthy ones. It takes a few people to start a movement, and then comes change.

Food Inc was eye opening and very informative. It helped me transition to stop eating all types of meat except for seafood. It helped me inform my friends on what the food industry really is like, and how eating fast food can affect their health in more than one way. This is a documentary that everyone should watch because as stated in the film, if more people knew where their food was coming from, they might not want to eat it. Everyone has the right to know what you’re putting into your body.


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