The rise of biodynamic farming: a return to ‘the way farmers farmed for millennia’

biodynamic“’Biodynamic agriculture treats the farm like a living organism, self-contained and self-sustainable,’ Candelario says. ‘Biodynamic is what organic farming has emerged from. It’s the way farmers have farmed for millennia, before the advent of industrial agriculture.’

“For example, on Chester’s farm, the wildlife is vital in dealing with infestations. Last year, the farm had a slug problem. ‘I could have poured Sluggo and that would have killed them off,’ Chester says. ‘But instead, I let the wildlife sort it out. As a result, I’m producing duck eggs that have been enriched by an escargot diet.’

“Winemakers couldn’t help but notice that some of the finest wines in the world are made from grapes grown in biodynamic vineyards. Vineyard and winery adoption has occurred so quickly that [the US] now has the third largest number of biodynamic vineyards and wineries in the world, following France and Italy.”


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