Food in the News

“Tyson Foods CEO: The Future of Food Might Be Meatless”

Tyson Foods was highlighted during the Food Inc video, so I was instantly interested. Tyson Foods Inc is one of the world’s largest meat producers. Tom Hayes, the new CEO of the company stated that he sees plant-based protein as part of the company’s future. Part of this reason is because he realizes that it is a growing trend in what consumers are demanding for. In this article, Hayes stated the company is committed to creating a more sustainable food system. What does this mean for the future of the food industry? Will this slow down meat protein production and consumption, and thus help the environment? What new problems will we encounter with plant protein production?


One thought on “Food in the News”

  1. Wow, what an interesting read. After having seen Food Inc., I will say I developed quite a disdain for Tyson and other companies that largely monopolize the food producing market. In some ways although the movie Food Inc. offers a hopeful tone for the future of food, I did not anticipate that the big, capitalistic companies would help with the movement. To see that a company like Tyson has become a proponent of plant-based protein is a very uplifting notion. I believe that the future of mankind needs to move away from meat. Meat-production has truly become an unsustainable, unethical practice and the future is in plants. This will be best for the environment and humanity. I am glad that consumers are demanding meat alternatives. Education about food and the environment is crucial to continue this great movement.


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