Traveling Vegetables


After food-mapping, I was a bit disheartened to see that our vegetables come from all over North America, despite Florida’s fertile soil and year-round sun. I predicted that much of America’s produce comes from California, because born and raised there, I’m aware of its vast farmland and impeccable growing conditions. Nonetheless, I’m unsure as to why our vegetables aren’t local or from some region of Florida. Even at grocery stores, you’ll see that most of the produce comes from elsewhere. It’s hard for people who work or who go to school to shop at farmers markets as they are expensive and occur very infrequently. Thus, I think it’s important that Florida grocers make more of an effort to carry locally-sourced produce, especially fruits and vegetables that are easy to grow in Florida conditions. It must be cheaper to source produce from other places in the U.S. but that highlights the need to utilize Florida’s natural resources so that it does not have to resort elsewhere.


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