Food for Thought

“Instead of cherry-picking through only the parts that are ‘good,’ consider choosing as much of the whole, intact produce, as can be found, as close to how it is found in nature as possible…”

I too, am guilty of doing this. When I shop for produce, I pick out what I think is the best; not too ripe, doesn’t feel weird, or doesn’t have visible imperfections. However, I never really thought about the implications of this. The majority of the people do this as well, which results in large amounts of food waste since the produce that is not sold, is thrown away. Americans are said to waste around 40% of their food supply. Several organizations and projects have been focusing on redistributing food to those who need it. There are several laws as well as conflicting interests in different countries or places that prevent this from happening. However, it is important to look at the bigger picture. Although redistributing could be a step forward, as the article states, the major problem of food waste is at the consumer level. If consumers wouldn’t waste so much food, the problem would reduce significantly. It would also have improvements on the environment, water usage, carbon dioxide emissions, the agricultural industry, as well as reduced need of transportation and storage which would all help the environment. This too, would help the economy. I know I will be careful when I chose produce next time, but not for how they look, but I will think of different ways to incorporate them into my meals.

“The next time you get ready to toss some food in the trash or look disapprovingly at the wilted herbs in the bottom of the vegetable bin, pause. Look at the produce with a new respect and a creative eye for possibilities. If you still decide to throw it out, go right ahead, but at the same time realize that you have made a cultural choice about its value.”


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