It’s not all bad news…

When talking about things concerning the environment, weather, global warming, emerging diseases, global hunger, poverty, etc, most things seem to be bad news. It seems like the levels of hunger, poverty, and other indicators are increasing and sometimes we fail to recognize the progress that is being made. Therefore, I wanted to focus on some good news. Although most of the world has suffered from malnutrition for years, things are getting better, and will hopefully get better.

I looked at the Global Hunger Index maps for the years 1992, 2000, 2008, and 2016, as shown below. The Global Hunger Index attempts to measure and track hunger globally. Its aim is to raise awareness of regional differences in hunger levels. There are four components used to measure this indicator; undernourishment, child wasting, child stunting, and child mortality.

Year 1992
Year 2000
Year 2008
Year 2016


As seen in the maps above, hunger levels have improved since the year 1992. There were several countries in Africa and South East Asia categorized as ‘extremely alarming’ and by 2016, no country is in that category. There were also several countries categorized as ‘alarming’ and by the year 2016, they decrease. Furthermore, by the year 2016, there is a large portion of the globe that falls into the ‘low’ hunger index category.

Although there has been significant progress over the years, the fight to eradicate hunger is far from over. There are still several countries falling under the ‘serious’ or ‘alarming’ hunger category. But as my post is meant to show : there is hope! There is hope for global hunger, the environment, and for the world.

Its important to note that there may be discrepancies in the way data is collected or expressed; such as grey areas that are noted as ‘insufficient data’. This data may also fail to account for small pockets of populations that are not well represented.


One thought on “It’s not all bad news…”

  1. Wow, this was a great post to read! You are so right, I can’t see anything indexed red on the most recent map. I think it’s great to focus on the improvements and am grateful for the reminder to look on the bright side. As you noted, I think the decrease in grey area is also great advancement. In addition to all the nations improving their index, the fact that there is so little grey area on the 2016 map means that more groups are able to collect more information from more areas of the world. Although the values aren’t yet where we want them to be, that we are able to know where to focus efforts is definitely a step in the right direction.


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