Whole Foods


“Whole Foods losing ‘staggering’ number of shoppers…” This is not the first time Whole Foods has been on the news for losing customers. They have gotten attention for inflating prices, and in-correcting weighting items, and for several food recalls amongst other things. However, the more recent reason Whole Foods is in the news is because it is losing customers. Have people stopped eating organic? Do people no longer want organic food? That is not the problem. Whole Foods became famous for being one of the first big markets where everything was said to be organic, and therefore people chose to pay whatever price was listed, in order to have quality organic food. However, the rest of the people have been catching up to the organic movement. And as for everything else, if the demand grows, so does the supply chain. So now we see smaller, less transited, more conventional supermarkets trying to provide organic foods and brands, just like Whole Foods, but they do so at a less price. What seems to be bad news, and business, for Whole Foods, may be good news for everything else. It means the rise of (hopefully) cheaper organic food. This, will hopefully start pushing processed food out of the shelves, and will bring more natural foods at a more accessible price. This would be a significant push for public health, and people’s ability to consume healthier food.


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