I finally got to try a Beyond Burger

I talked in my midterm creative project about Beyond Meat, a company which uses plant-based proteins and amino-acids to build “meat”, with the components all actually coming from plants. The Beyond Burger is the most recent, and supposedly best, item available from Beyond Meat. This burger is only stocked in a few Whole Foods around the country and obviously Miami is about 10 years behind the rest of the country in terms of anything sustainability/dietary restriction related and it hasn’t been in the Whole Foods here yet. I’ve been really wanting to try the Beyond Burger after I heard a whole podcast about it and researched it for my midterm creative project, so when I went to Whole Foods this weekend I was so excited to find that they have started stocking it recently! The first thing I noticed was that the burger was not, as the website and podcast said it should be, being sold alongside real ground beef burgers. The Beyond Burger was in a refrigerator with other meat alternatives but at least this is a step up from the frozen vegetarian section. The package with two patties was $7.49. More expensive than ground beef but not absurd.



Even though it was 8:30am I was really excited about finding the burgers so I decided to take them to make as breakfast burgers. Just in case they were not very tasty we also added a lot of other toppings to make it feel as burger-y as possible.

The patties themselves definitely look and feel like meat, much more so than any veggie burger I’ve had. If you look closely you can see lentils in there but B.M. uses beet juice to give it a bloody look and coconut oil to make the burger sizzle and feel fatty in your mouth.

Raw Beyond Burger patty

The patties cook pretty quickly on the outside and are still pretty red on the inside once cooked which the instructions said was fine. They smelled not 100% like beef cooking, but definitely more meat-y than any other veggie burger I have tried.

Patties cookin’ in the cast iron

We loaded them up with smoked gouda, fried eggs, avocados, and fried shallots. (My boyfriend is a chef at Yardbird and he can’t just cook anything simple. Everything has 20 toppings.)

My one job was to toast the buns and I burnt the shit out of them
The middle of the Beyond Burger stays pretty red even when cooked

So it does feel like you’re eating a burger. B.M. has the texture pretty perfect. In that sense, I can see this being a good alternative for people who love the satisfaction of a big juicy burger. Flavor-wise, I feel like the Beyond Burger is not quite there though. If I thought it was real beef I would be worried if I tasted this. There is something really chemically about it which I also noticed with the Beast Burgers that I have tried from Beyond Meat. It all tasted good together but by itself, the burger didn’t taste much like beef to me. Which is okay I think if you just go into it with the expectation that this is going to be something like a beef burger, but not quite the same.

Overall: I give the Beyond Burger an A for effort and a B for flavor. I hope Beyond Meat keeps working with this recipe because I feel like they have the potential for something great. I hope a few more Americans will be intrigued enough to try this instead of beef a few times and we can cut back on meat consumption even a little bit!


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