Challah for Hunger

I came across Challah for Hunger at the University of Miami thanks to a friend. Challah for Hunger is a national non profit organization that bakes and sells Challah to benefit Mazon. Mazon works to end hunger amongst people of all faiths and backgrounds in the United States and Israel. It is an approach to hunger relief which recognizes the importance of people’s need for nutrition and sustenance as well as long term solutions. I was skeptical at first, because I am not of the same religious fate, however my friend showed me that it didn’t matter. We all just had one common goal: to help people in need. Volunteers for Challah for Hunger bake challah on Thursdays and sell them on Fridays at the UM Breezeway.

I think that this organization is great, and just like many others on campus they have the potential to make a change to eradicate hunger in South Florida. It is a matter of finding the interest, and the time to be able to help. I have heard several students say they wish they were involved in making a change but just don’t find the things to be involved in. This is a great cause. You get what you put in to it, and there is as little or as much commitment or responsibility as you choose to have. If you are not able to volunteer, I would suggest to stop by the breezeway and purchase a challah. I advise everyone to get involved in organizations, clubs, and as many things as they can. Studying about something to make a difference is good, but getting out there and making a difference is even better. If its not Challah for Hunger, there are several other things. But get out there, and help the world.


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