Kraft’s Singles No Longer Considered a Kid’s Health Food

If all of you remember, there was a brief discussion in class about how Kraft singles cannot legally labeled as cheese due to the low percentage of actual cheese that makes up the product. At the time, I wondered how such a product could still be advertised as a product that would maintain kids’ balanced diets, so I just had to share when I came across an article that addressed this. According to the article, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is discontinuing it’s partnership with Kraft and endorsing the product. While this does seem to be good news and a step forward in eating more sustainably, the article does not address why this partnership began in the first place. The more that such organizations endorse food products such as Kraft singles — which are only about 51% real cheese– the harder it will be for the general population to make food decisions that are sustainable.


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