European Union food again found largely free of pesticides

The study done and published by the European Food Safety Authority on pesticides in foods in the EU, found most foods to be either free of pesticides or within the legal limits. 93% of the food tested, was within the legal limits, while 53% were free of residue. Some of the products that have been tested include aubergines, bananas, broccoli, virgin olive oil, orange juice, peas, sweet peppers, table grapes, wheat, butter and eggs.

The EU is very concerned with quality of food, as seen with the bans of GMOs.

Some key facts:

  • 97.2 percent of the samples studied fell within the limits permitted in EU legislation. 53.3 percent of the samples tested were free of quantifiable residues while 43.9 percent contained residues not exceeding legal limits
  • Legal limits were exceeded in 5.6 percent of the samples from non-EU countries, down from 6.5 percent in 2014.
  • Of the samples of foods intended for infants and young children, 96.5 percent were free of residues or residues fell within legal limits.
  • For organic foods, 99.3 percent were residue-free or within legal limits




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