The State of Food Insecurity in the World 2009

This article provided a very informative perspective on food security across the world.  This article was written by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in 2009 in order to show the progress of increasing food security.  While this article seemed outdated, many of the statistics were surprising regarding the world’s food security.  For example, in 2009, it was estimated that one billion people were considered to be undernourished.  Also, approximately 98% of undernourishment occurred in developing countries.  This statistic was surprising because it showed that the World Food Summit of 1996 had not created proper methods of increasing food security.

In addition, this article described common methods of helping areas struggling with food security.  The article stated that many aid programs do not properly help struggling areas because they struggle to see the bigger picture behind the problem at hand.  Often times, aid programs seek to provide support for food security, rather than for solving a country’s needs.  The proper way to support these areas is to create systems that are designed to help areas that could undergo unexpected events.  Because of this, country protection plans should be developed in isolation as each country presents a new and unique conflict that needs to be addressed.  This would be the most beneficial way to help a country because it would support the country for the long-term rather than short-term.


Updated Nutrition Labels


In this article, the author discussed how the FDA has proposed a revision of nutrition labels on the back of food packages.  This label would be a requirement for all packages by 2019 and the main difference would be that it would designate a line for “sugar added.”  This fact is very important because current nutrition labels do not account for the natural sugar that most foods contain.  With this in mind, the added sugar is what really sets bad sugar apart from good sugar.

I feel that the implementation of this fact would be very beneficial for consumers.  Not only would it be a step in modernizing food labels, but also it would take into account the new things that people have learned about nutrition.  As new information is learned, it is important that all people have access to it, especially in something as important as nutrition.  This new food label would be very beneficial for consumers.