The Fruits We Eat

Fridge Inventory Project - Origins of Our Fruits

This map goes a long way in showing how globalized our food chain has become and the potential for negative impact on the local food economy. Although half of the fruit that our class ate did come from Florida, it was not from Miami-Dade County. In fact, the sugarcane, orange juice, bananas, and lemons, which are all suitable to grow in Florida’s climate, were not even from Florida. Even the mango that was ironically bought at the farmer’s market, came from South America. According to reports from The Miami Herald in April, agriculture in Miami-Dade county is shrinking which is evident in our map. The report specifically states that over the past 20 years, Miami-Dade county hast lost over 45% of cropland due to foreign competition and development. This map corroborates that report on a smaller scale, taking the average college student’s dietary intake into account.


ArcGIS Map: Protein and Dairy

My group with: Georgia Young, Kate Yellowlees, Cindy Rajkumar, and Yasmeen was responsible for mapping the Protein and Dairy sources. Based on the map created, we get our protein and dairy sources from all over the world-mostly from the United States. Based on the map, most commercial meat and dairy companies are not stationed in Florida, so our meat is sourced locally.

Dairy – Fridge Inventory Map


Based on the map, all of the dairy products we purchase are not local. Some of our food comes from outside of the country, and a lot of our dairy products come from the West coast. Perhaps eating local is not feasible but more would have to be researched, especially in carbon footprints. Just because a dairy product is produced and sold locally does not mean it is better for the environment, especially if that dairy is made on a factory farm that pollutes the water and land of the area.

Dairy Map


Dairy Map- Dillon, Colleen

Most of the dairy is coming from the United States; while there are items from Europe as well, this is not as common. We would expect this because the Dairy industry in America is huge. The dairy is not coming from Florida, but the Midwest, most likely from factory-farmed animals. The dairy from Europe will probably be more sustainable as the factory farms are not common in Europe and Asia. It makes sense that none of our dairy really arrives from Asia, as this is not a huge industry there.